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frequently asked Questions


  • How can I track my package?

    Once your order has been shipped you will receive an email containing a tracking number. You can use it to track your order. Please also check your spam folder to be sure. 

  • How long does delivery take?

    The estimated delivery time is 1‒6 working days (weekdays with the exception of Saturdays, Sundays and legal Slovak holidays), depending on the recipient’s country of origin. In the case of an immediate transfer, the delivery period begins one day after receipt of the payment on our account. In all other cases, the delivery period begins one day after receipt of the order. Once your order has been shipped, you will be sent an email with a tracking number that you can use to track your order.

  • Where does MasterLin.com deliver?

    We ship within the European Union.

  • Who bears the shipping costs?

    The shipping costs are added to the stated product prices. You can find out more about the amount of shipping costs during the ordering process.

  • How does shipping work at Master Lin?

    After the order has been placed, an order confirmation will be sent to the email address you provided. If you have not received a confirmation, check your spam folder if necessary. This email also contains your invoice. As soon as your order has been dispatched, you will receive a dispatch confirmation to the e-mail address you provided. This will provide you with a tracking number that you can use to track your shipment. Please also check your spam folder here to be on the safe side.

Returns & Refunds

  • How is the payment refunded?

    If you have returned the goods in accordance with our provisions, i.e. sent the cancellation form to us and affixed our return label to the package, after we have received the goods, your payment including delivery costs will be reimbursed within 14 days after receiving the declaration of cancellation. For this we normally use the payment method that you used for your original payment. 

  • How can I return an item?

    If you decide to return your order (or parts of it), it is important that the goods are unopened and have not been used. You can find a withdrawal form here (Opens in a new tab or window). Please fill it in and send it to info@masterlin.com (Eventually opens a programm to send an email to the recipient) . Upon receipt, you will receive an email from us with a return label. Please note that we will only bear the costs of the return if this label is used.

  • How long can I return an item?

    After receiving the goods, you can return your order (or parts thereof) within 14 days. The date of the postmark must correspond to this deadline. It is not mandatory that the goods arrive within 14 days.


  • What are the 5 elements?

    In China, the number five is the number of life, it is embodied by the five elements wood, fire, earth, metal and water. These, in turn, are assigned to the five phases of change, which in Chinese teaching serve to describe temporal processes, the seasons, but also the growth and development phases of humans. Particular attention is paid to harmony, calm and balance.

  • What are the meridians?

    Meridians are channels in TCM in which the life energy Qi flows. Accordingly, there are twelve main channels. Each meridian is assigned to a functional circle (organ system). Meridians and the acupuncture points on them can be influenced by pressure (acupressure, massage), acupuncture, heat or gymnastic exercises and breathing exercises. These points can be activated with the Master Lin products. The Master Lin Gold Balm is particularly suitable for this. 

  • What does "Qi" mean?

    Qi is the all-fulfilling life energy. It is formless and invisible, but according to TCM it can always be felt and intuitively grasped. In our European understanding, Qi corresponds most closely to the terms primal force or life energy. Qi flows through the whole body via the meridians and also permeates our environment. As long as it can flow unhindered, the person is healthy and in physical and mental equilibrium. However, if the flow is congested or blocked, disease develops. 

  • What does yin yang mean?

    One of the key concepts of TCM is the contrast between yin and yang, which is traced back to the observation that everything in nature is subject to dynamic change or the interplay of opposing elements.

    This interplay is represented in the form of the circular monad. Yin, the female principle, is depicted as the dark half, Yang, the male principle, as the light half. Yin and Yang are symbolic of this universal process of a constantly changing reality. The day would not exist without the night, winter not without summer, calm not without activity and darkness not without light.

    When looking at these polarities, it becomes apparent that although Yin and Yang represent opposites, these opposites need each other. All functions of our body have a yin and a yang part, an imbalance always causes discomfort. The aim is therefore harmony and balance between the two principles.


  • Where does the fine gold come from?

    We obtain the fine gold from a reliable source in Germany, a gold leaf manufacturer (Eytzinger.de). This gold leaf producer in turn obtains the fine gold from Agosi (agosi.de), a general gold and silver refinery. No gold is mined here, but the fine metal is obtained from residual materials containing precious metals. The fine gold we use is therefore ethically harmless. 

  • Is palm oil used in Master Lin products?

    The cultivation of palm oil is ecologically and socially problematic for a variety of reasons, which is why we use certified palm oil where available. Palm (kernel) oil has very characteristic product-relevant properties (e.g. melting point, flow behavior), so it cannot be replaced by alternatives. The vegetable oils produced in Central Europe are technically unsuitable for most applications. To get the same yield of, for example, soybean oil, one would need about seven times the agricultural area. This means, replacing palm oil would rather multiply the problem. 

    We only use palm oil derivatives (no palm oil according to the NATRUE criteria), which – wherever possible and available – come from a certified sustainable supply chain and have at least MB (Mass Balance) quality according to the RSPO certification system. 

  • What are natural substances and what is the minimum content?

    Natural substances are substances that are obtained directly from the plant (vegetable oils, herbal extracts, essential oils, …) or from mineral sources (e.g. salt). They result from physical processes or by using natural microorganisms or enzymes (e.g. fermentation). At NATRUE, a certain minimum content of natural substances is prescribed depending on the product category (product categories are e.g. emulsions W / O, surfactant-containing products such as shower baths, shampoos, etc.) 

  • Is glycerine used in Master Lin products?

    Yes, we use glycerine in the Master Lin recipes. “Glycerine” will then appear in the list of ingredients. However, only glycerine of vegetable origin is used, the NATRUE seal requires this anyway. This glycerine is obtained naturally.

  • What are near-natural materials and what is the maximum content?

    Ingredients of natural origin are obtained from natural ingredients through chemical modifications. For example, vegetable glycerine can be obtained through chemical processing of vegetable oils. NATRUE prescribes a maximum content of such near-natural materials depending son the product category. 

  • How does the gold work in the products?

    Gold is one of the oldest remedies known to man. Gold was already a universal remedy for Paracelsus, and in ancient times it was used to protect the skin from inflammation and to cool down swellings. Today we know that gold in minimal doses has a regulating influence on the human immune system. Gold has a high bioelectrolytic conductivity, through which substances valuable for the skin penetrate into the cell cover, where they can unfold their effect. According to TCM, gold stimulates the body’s energy channels and has a balancing effect. 

  • How does the pearl work in the products?

    Perle contains 18 different proteins that are also found in the human body and also has a high natural calcium and amino acid content. It has an anti-inflammatory effect and can be used both acutely and on already damaged skin (after frequent sunbathing, healed acne, neurodermatitis, eczema). Pearl is important for cell regeneration, has a reconstructive effect and, according to TCM, repairs skin damage. In addition, it has the property of restoring the natural pH value of the skin and preventing age spots. 

  • What are nature-identical raw materials?

    Nature-identical raw materials are those that also exist in nature, but cannot be obtained from nature with appropriate technical effort or in sufficient quality or purity and are therefore reproduced in the laboratory. According to the NATRUE criteria, only certain minerals and preservatives in nature-identical form are permitted. 


  • How are the Master Lin products preserved?

    Only natural, near-natural or nature-identical preservatives approved by Natrue are used for preservation. Preserving substances such as triclosan, phenoxyethanol or parabens are not used.

  • How do the Master Lin formulas work?

    Master Lin formulas have a balancing, energizing, harmonizing and vitalizing effect. The holistic system of TCM postulates health as harmony and balance of energies. The goal is always the balance between the polarities Yin and Yang, the life energy “Chi” and the five elements (fire, earth, metal, water, wood) in the body. Master Lin always uses all five elements in all products and thus achieves balanced, neutral formulations.

    In addition, Master Lin puts an emphasis on aromatherapy. It is not primarily about the individual active ingredient, but about the balance of the coordinated substances. All Master Lin products are suitable for all skin types and ages. The skin gets what it needs and is brought back into balance.

  • Can I be sure that the Master Lin products are not tested on animals?

    We can confirm that we have not carried out any tests on animals, and that animal tests have never been commissioned on our behalf. The EU Cosmetics Regulation (Regulation (EC) No. 1223/2009) stipulates that cosmetics must not be tested on animals. Our products are not sold in China. Our raw material suppliers are also not allowed to test cosmetic raw materials in animal experiments. What we cannot avoid, however, is that suppliers conduct animal tests for other purposes. However, we can confirm that we only get our raw materials from trustworthy suppliers. A recently published report by the EU Commission on the status of animal experiments on cosmetic products shows that practically no cases of non-compliance with the ban on animal experiments have been reported in EU member states.

  • Master Lin products are developed on the basis of secret recipes. Where do these come from?

    The sensational recipes are based on Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), a more than 3000 year old, highly developed medical practice and healing system. This medical knowledge was also used at the Chinese imperial courts. The ladies of the court were supported by their personal physicians and priests in their efforts to maintain their beauty. The beauty secrets of the Chinese empresses have been recorded and closely guarded. The empresses were famous for maintaining their beauty even in old age with the help of secret TCM recipes. Master Lin, the name giver of the brand, is an expert in Far Eastern herbal medicine and had access to these beauty formulas. 

  • Why is Master Lin NATRUE and not organic certified?

    Organic certification is easier to implement for uncomplicated cosmetic products, the ingredients of which come mainly from Europe, than for highly complex TCM recipes. Master Lin works with extremely difficult formulations and with very unusual ingredients, such as the reishi mushroom, angelica root, witch hazel or tiger grass (some of which come from the Far East) and uses up to 50 different substances per product. Unfortunately, not all active ingredients are always available on the market in organic quality.

  • Are Master Lin products vegan?

    Master Lin uses pearls or beeswax in many of its products, so these products are no longer vegan. Of course, only pearls of certified origin are used. The following products do not contain pearls or other animal ingredients and are therefore vegan:

    • Master Lin Facial Tonic
    • Master Lin Shower Balm
    • Master Lin Body & Face Oil
    • Master Lin Conditioner

  • What does the NATRUE certification mean?

    With its strict criteria, the NATRUE label stands for high-quality natural cosmetic products. The NATRUE certification guarantees that the type of ingredients, the permitted processing methods and the overall composition of the products really comply with the specification “natural”. 

    NATRUE-certified products contain 100% natural, near-natural or nature-identical ingredients. Silicones, parabens, mineral oils, microplastics, synthetic fragrances or genetically modified organisms are not permitted.

  • What is the pH of the skin and why is it so important for a beautiful appearance?

    It has been known for around 100 years that the skin is slightly acidic. In healthy people, the average skin pH value is 5.5. This value results from the body’s own acidic substances such as sweat, sebum and horn cells. The so-called protective acid mantle shows how important these acidic skin properties are. It creates poor living and reproduction conditions for bacteria, fungi and viruses, while normal skin germs find optimal conditions in an acidic environment and can thus protect against pathogenic germs. The task of the protective acid mantle is to ward off harmful microorganisms and negative environmental influences and to protect the skin from infections, irritation, allergies and dehydration. However, this sophisticated defense system can be destroyed by too frequent cleansing with aggressive substances.

  • What does aromatherapy mean?

    For thousands of years, aromatherapy has been used in all cultures to harmonize body and mind. Aromatherapy as a holistic therapy regards the human being as a unity of body, mind and soul. Fine essential oils have a balancing effect on energetic imbalances and strengthen the immune system. They are the soul and the life force of a plant.

    In the Master Lin cosmetics line, the healing properties of the essential oils are optimally used in combination with traditional Chinese medicine.

  • What material are the Masterlin brushes made of?

    The brushes are made of beech wood, horsehair and bronze wire.

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