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Dry skin

thin and delicate

Thin and sensitive, slightly flaky and brittle or rough: this is how dry skin is defined. It is often caused by external influences, such as too much sun or wind. In winter, heated air contributes to the drying out of the skin. An uncomfortable feeling of tightness is a sure sign that the skin is lacking moisture. It is dull and tends to wrinkle prematurely.

Dry skin loves ...

Dry skin loves …

Master Lin's care tips

The Master Lin Care Balancing Soap is moisturizing and has a calming effect. With valuable ingredients such as bay leaf , pearl , Damascus rose and bamboo , the high-quality, handcrafted soap regulates the pH value of the skin. In addition, the Master Lin Cleansing Foam is an ideal cleansing product for dry skin. Green tea , ginger , pearl and tiger grass supply with blood, moisturize and regenerate.

The ideal immediate help for tired, stressed and dry skin: The light Master Lin Face Serum in combination with a type-appropriate care such as the Face Cream or the Face Cream Rich . Mix the serum and care product on the back of your hand and then dab gently on the skin. She gets everything she needs and is not cared for.

Master Lin's expert knowledge

Master Lin’s expert knowledge

The versatile aloe vera is of inestimable value in natural cosmetics. The robust plant has amazing properties that enable it to survive even in the most barren surroundings. It belongs to the lily family and also has the enchanting name desert lily.

Thanks to its calming effect, aloe vera is an important medicinal plant, supplies the skin with vitamins, nutrients and, above all, the refreshing plus in moisture. She shows her skills perfectly in the Master Lin Face Serum .