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Mature skin

tired and parchment-like

The moisture content and elasticity of mature skin are reduced. It looks thin or tired and parchment-like. The reduced fat storage causes the cheeks to sag and the skin to appear slack. It tends to wrinkle and the connective tissue becomes weaker. Age spots and vasodilatation are also typical signs of time.

Mature skin loves ...

Mature skin loves …

  • Laurel and its regenerating properties – Pure Cleansing Soap
  • Wu-Zhu-Yu, which has a warming and astringent effectFacial Tonic
  • Licorice root, it strengthens and moisturizesLip Balm
  • Goji berries and their firming and soothing properties – Eye Cream
mature skin type

Master Lin's care tips

The Master Lin Cleansing Foam soothes the skin with the valuable active ingredients of pearl and tiger grass . Feelings of tension after cleaning are avoided. Mixed with the Master Lin Cleansing Powder , the Cleansing Foam becomes a wonderfully soft cleansing cream. For a weekly, very fine-grain peeling, mix the Master Lin Cleansing Powder with two drops of Master Lin Body & Face Oil

The Master Lin Face Cream Rich impresses with its light texture and is highly effective against feelings of tightness and the formation of wrinkles. Pearl inhibits hyperpigmentation, gold protects the skin, Damascus rose smoothes and provides a unique fragrance. The Master Lin Miracle Overnight Mask has a very smoothing effect thanks to jambu , camellia , fine gold and pearl . The skin is well supplied with blood and moistened, wrinkles are visibly reduced.

Master Lin's expert knowledge

Master Lin’s expert knowledge

Pearl extract is valued in traditional Chinese medicine for its skin-nourishing properties. It contains minerals and trace elements that can gently restore the skin’s natural pH value.

The noble pearl also counteracts the formation of pigment spots and wrinkles and is therefore a particularly valuable ingredient for the care of mature skin. High-quality pearl powder supports cell regeneration, has a regenerative effect and makes the skin appear fresher, more even and more radiant.