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Oily skin

large pores and increased sebum production

Oily skin is usually large-pored. It needs clarifying and fat-absorbing ingredients. The increased sebum production can lead to clogging of the pores. Ideal are products with clay that cleanse the pores and act remineralizing.

Oily skin loves ...

Oily skin loves …

oily skin type

Masterlin's care tips

For thorough deep cleansing, mix Master Lin Cleansing Powder & Beauty Mask with a little water and apply. Good to know:  the longer clay remains on the skin, the more it dries out the skin. Alternatively, mix the Cleansing Powder with a few drops of Master Lin Face Serum – for an intensively clarifying mask and a finer complexion.

Used twice a week, the deep-cleansing Master Lin Facial Peeling helps the skin become lighter. Its active ingredient bamboo absorbs excess sebum and has a matting effect.

Master Lin's expert knowledge

Master Lin’s expert knowledge

Yellow, green or pink: the clay , which is known for its healing properties, enriches natural cosmetics not only with its strong, naturally imparted color spectrum, but also with a multitude of positive properties. It has a sebum-regulating, clarifying, absorbing and remineralizing effect. Their fine-grained texture binds fat and bacteria and gently removes dead skin and dirt particles.

In Master Lin products, among other ingredients, the extra fine pink clay is used, whose high cleansing and disinfecting properties help particularly demanding skin to regain freshness. For example, with the delicately scented pink Master Lin Magic Relax Peeling Mask.