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Combination skin

more oily and impure

Combination skin is the most common skin type. It is usually more oily and impure in the T-zone, but drier in the cheek area and thus requires the needs of two very different skin types to be met. Combination skin on the one hand lacks moisture and on the other hand needs a regulation of sebum production in some areas.

Combination skin loves ...

Combination skin loves …

  • Ginseng and its healing, antioxidant effects – Face Cream
  • Green tea and its detoxifying properties – Eye Cream
combination skin type

Master Lin's care tips

The Master Lin Pure Cleansing Soap cleanses and cares for combination skin with high-quality ingredients such as delicate pink clay or soothing witch hazel . The clarifying, astringent effect of this soap, which is handmade in Tyrol, brings the skin back into balance. Application with the Master Lin Face massage brush is particularly beneficial.

The Master Lin Facial Tonic is a real boost of freshness for combination skin. It balances the pH value of the skin after cleansing, invigorates it with fragrant bergamot and optimally prepares it with Whu-Zhu-Yu and clarifying witch hazel for subsequent care. 

Master Lin's expert knowledge

Master Lin’s expert knowledge

The coveted medicinal plant ginseng has always had a particularly high standing in Chinese medicine and plays an important role in Asia as a nourishing and beneficial all-round talent in nutrition as well as in the care of skin and hair. The vitamin-rich root has an invigorating and refreshing effect, stimulates cell division and prevents the formation of wrinkles.

Ginseng gives the skin resilience and elasticity. It promotes blood circulation and regeneration, soothes skin irritation and supplies the skin with moisture. All these good properties are used, for example, in the Master Lin Eye Cream as targeted care for a particularly sensitive area of the face.