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Normal skin

supple, well supplied with blood

Normal skin defines the ideal condition: the skin is supple, well supplied with blood, well moisturized – as we know it from rosy children’s skin. Moisture content and resilience are very good. The skin feels soft and smooth, is insensitive, fine-pored and only moderately oily.

Normal skin loves ...

Normal skin loves …

  • Bergamot for the optimal kick of freshness – Facial Tonic
  • Feingold , which has a smoothing effect and counteracts free radicals – Face Cream , Eye Cream
  • Pearl , it counteracts hyperpigmentation and ensures radiance – Face Cream , Lip Balm
  • Green tea against water retention – Eye Cream

Master Lin's care tips

Mixed with water, the Master Lin Cleansing Powder cleanses and regenerates with the power of tiger grass and damask rose . Used twice a week, the Master Lin Facial Peeling removes dead skin cells from the surface of the skin and thus ensures better absorption of subsequent care products. The skin is rosy after the peeling and feels pleasantly clean and fresh.

Mixed with the Master Lin Face Cream on the back of the hand, the Master Lin Face Serum becomes an extra moisture booster, especially in summer, thanks to the freshness of aloe vera and ensures a pleasantly cool skin feeling.

Master Lin's expert knowledge

Master Lin’s expert knowledge

Bamboo impresses with its pronounced anti-oxidative properties and it is impossible to imagine high-quality natural cosmetics without it. It contains flavonoids, iron, calcium and silicon and has been an integral part of Chinese medicine for centuries.

Bamboo strengthens the skin structure, supports the storage of moisture and counteracts skin aging. Master Lin uses the gentle texture of bamboo fibers and their anti-inflammatory effects for the wonderfully refreshing Master Lin Facial Peeling .