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New in! Discover the Marvellous Hydrating Mask

Facial massage brush
made of beech wood & horsehair

Promotes blood circulation in the skin

Promotes blood circulation in the skin

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Regular brushing has a relaxing and vitalising effect and promotes blood circulation in the skin. The removal of excess metabolic waste products is stimulated and dead skin cells are gently removed.

There are many meridian points, especially on the face, which can be activated by massage. The soft brush prepares the sensitive facial skin for the application of subsequent care products and is suitable for all skin types.

Use dry for better circulation of the skin, wet for gentle cleansing of the face, neck and décolleté in combination with our cleansing products.


Depending on the skin’s needs, gently apply the Care Balancing Soap or the Pure Cleansing Soap from Master Lin with the facial massage brush, rinse off and enjoy the full freshness experience.

How to use


Massage the facial skin along the lymph every 2nd day after cleansing the skin.

Gently stroke the brush from the inside out, working from the forehead down to the chin. Beginning in the middle of the forehead, stroke outwards, then start over the eyebrows, etc. Always stroke the right half of the face with the left hand and the left half with the right hand. Sweep the neck down the sides to the armpits.


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